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Auto Sales Freefall across every brand

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U.S. auto sales are down for every single automaker across the board for September. It was Ford Motor Co.'s worst month of the year, with a 34 percent drop, while Chrysler LLC fell 33 percent and General Motors faired only relatively better with a 16 percent drop.

This will be the 11th straight monthly year-over-year decline - that's the longest string of down months since 14 straight negative months ended in December 1991, according to reports. High gas prices continue to slam large vehicle sales, with Hummer falling an incredible 54.8 percent. Remember that former XM CEO Nate Davis said earlier this year that SUVs, and "high-end cars" tend to have a higher OEM conversion rate for satellite radio. Ford's truck sales were down 39 percent, while car sales dropped 19 percent. Meanwhile, Chrysler's car sales declined 29 percent, and truck sales declined 34 percent. GM's light truck demand fell 19 percent in September, while car sales slid 10 percent. Audi faired the best with "only" a 5.4 percent drop in sales. Congrats to Audi.

Leaders in both parties, as well as private economic chiefs everywhere, said Congress must quickly approve some version of the measure to start loans flowing and stave off a potential national economic catastrophe.
The US Senate votes Wednesday on a revised 700-billion-dollar Wall Street bailout after the House of Representatives rejected the original package, sending shockwaves through global markets

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... 2002 — $2,841 for every Jaguar sold. However, Jaguar tried to stop the sales freefall in ... among the highest in the U.S. auto ... Though Land Rover sales have edged higher, the brand ...
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NASCAR.COM - Future support from auto makers a blurry crystal ball ...
Every day, it seems the news from Detroit and Tokyo gets increasingly more pessimistic. Auto sales in the United States for June ... it's just the Big Three in freefall, Toyota sales ...
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Auto Nation CEO says gas prices will benefit Detroit - AutoblogGreen
... in the United States. Auto Nation showrooms around the country sell just about every brand of car offered here and Jackson is actually glad to see gas above $4 a gallon.
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Advance Auto Sales In Missouri - Car Financing
Charlotte Weddings Related advance auto sales in missouri ... The conventional wisdom is that the freefall we saw in ... Both states did well in nearly every category considered ...
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U.S. auto sales in July plunge 13 percent | The Detroit News | detnews ...
U.S. auto sales in July plunge 13 percent ... light trucks continued their freefall, with sales ... fight sagging vehicle sales; Auto sales likely to get worse; Asian brands outsell Big 3 in ...
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Auto Sales Free All across every brand

September 2008 - Posts
... crisis, we are now in a very dangerous situation where financial institutions across ... borrow, contractors don't get the remodeling work, equipment-makers lose sales, and ... Every Arizona House Republican voted against McCain's wishes; seven of the 11 ...
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NewsDateTime: 9/30/2008

Stunned by Lack of Outrage, Not Outrageous Acts
To my knowledge, very few of these communal systems lasted, and most eventually ended in 'every man for himself'. I'd love ... So early in September of this year, my partner and I set out on a 15,000-mile road trip across Canada and the northern tier ...
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The Senate is considering a revised version of a $700 billion plan that the House of Representatives rejected on Monday. Mr. Bush said another House vote is set for Friday morning. The new plan is said to include provisions to raise the limit on government insurance for bank deposits, and offer tax breaks for individuals and businesses. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid told journalists he is confident the changed bill will attract votes from both parties. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell said Senate approval will make it easier to get the measure through the House. The revised plan is aimed at winning the support of different groups of lawmakers in the House of Representatives who voted against the original plan. Some objected to using taxpayers' money to buy bad investments from investment firms, and disliked government intrusion into business. Others opposed the plan because they saw it as a bailout of wealthy investors at the expense of ordinary people. The House of Representatives vote against the plan Monday triggered a $1 trillion sell-off on U.S. stock markets. Markets recovered most of the loss on Tuesday when investors thought Congress might work out a compromise and eventually pass a rescue plan.

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